Colors & Bottles Art Class

Colors & Bottles Art Class

October 22, 2012 @ 10:00 pm – October 23, 2012 @ 1:00 am

Check out our weekly art class hosted by Colors & Bottles!  They host a low stress, amatuer class that is more social event than art school.  Look at their mission statement:


Our Events & Why they Matter

Don’t overlook the heart, passion, drive and determination behind Colors & Bottles. “I wanted to start an organization that not only offered an artistic stress outlet for people but I wanted to structure my business in a way that could create jobs for Artists and Art lovers,” from founder Jessica Burley. The idea of hosting events in various hip locations was a perfect, yet fun, solution to help support and grow local communities. This idea allows for other small business to get people in their door to market, sell and promote their products. We truly believe that if everyone supports each other and works together than we can all help build strong, successful and happy communities. Colors & Bottles was created last November by 27 year old, solo-entrepreneur, former federal agent, and Columbus, Ohio native, Jessica Burley. She said it all began with a thousand dollars, a computer and a dream—and a lot of blood, sweat and tears! Colors & Bottles is now in 9 cities nationwide and employs 137 artists and contractors. Picasso said it best, “Everything you can imagine is real.” Really.

Our Events & Why they Rock

Colors & Bottles mission is to offer a relaxed, welcoming, stress-free, social art experience for anyone and everyone. We consider ourselves very chill and we love whoever, whenever! So, welcome! Come one, come all! Not artistic? Perfect! Or are you actually really, Artistic? That is perfect, too! We believe art is for everyone and we created C&B to provide comfortable, no-pressure, social art classes for all skill levels. To make it an even more different, fresh and exciting new experience we decided to by-pass the boring painting studio option. Instead, we thought it would spice things up to have our classes in wineries, art galleries, restaurants, bars, parks, rooftops, gardens, coffee shops, and any swanky locations we can find. Paint and drink around the town. Ellen DeGeneres picked us as “AWESOME, UNIQUE & FUN new art classes!!” Uh-huh, oh yea! Why did she pick us? Because, we told you, we’re absolutely, 100% the hip new way to take an art class!
Its a great time so make sure to catch one of the upcoming classes.  You must purchase your tickets ahead of time.