Birmingham Bridge Tavern

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2901 Sarah St., Pittsburgh, PA·(412) 381-2739

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City Paper Best of Pittsburgh 2013


BBT is looking for some love in the Best of Pittsburgh poll!

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Happy Parade Day!

Mar 7 pt 1

Football’s back!

Football is back in season and BBT is once again opening its doors at noon on Sunday’s so you can catch all the action.  Come watch the Steeoers seek revenge on the Denver Broncos Sunday night, everyone that’s here for the game gets a chance to win a $50 Gift Certificate!

Great Lakes Pub Exclusive at BBT

Come down to BBT to check out the Great Lakes Rye of the Tiger!  Don’t miss this exceptional Rye Pale Ale because it is rarely seen outside of its natural habitat, Cleveland, Ohio.

Most Wanted Fine Art on Kickstarter

Hey guys, friends of BBT over at Most Wanted Fine Art Gallery are putting together an art car tour! Check out their mission statement on kickstarter and let’s help them out!

Vehicular Abstraction: A Public Art Car Experience

Most Wanted Fine Art Gallery goes on a southern art car tour to create art out of an experience. You are invited to come on the trip.